IUGA Members

If you are an IUGA member you will receive 50% off of every item in the IUGA online store by using the IUGA member discount code. To retrieve the code:

1. Visit. www.iuga.org and log-in using your username and password.

2. When you log-in, the code will be posted on your Profile Homepage (the wall) on the righthand side.

3. Return to the IUGA store and finish shopping. Once you click-on "checkout" you will be prompted to log-in, if you are an existing store customer, or create a customer profile.

4. Once you complete the log-in or sign-up process, enter the code into the "IUGA Member Discount Code" box and click add.

Questions or issues regarding the IUGA member discount should be sent to store@iuga.org.

If you are not an IUGA member and are interested in learning more about becoming one, please click here.



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