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8.5 x 14" illustrative flip chart.

Has easel stand for ease of use with patients.

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Developed by the IUGA Public Relations Committee, this handy 8.5 x 14” full color chart and stand contains many of the surgical and anatomical images used in the popular IUGA patient leaflets. Please view the images associated with this item to see a listing of the images included along with a snapshot of section 1 of the chart.

If  you plan to order 5 or more flip charts, please contact the IUGA office at

Shipping costs are outlined below, but may vary by 10%.



Costs for Shipping PFD Anatomical & Surgical Chart
Number of flip charts U.S. Canada & Mexico  The rest of the world
   1 flip chart $11.00 $27.95 $29.95
2 flip charts $22.00 $36.00 $40.00




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